The recent economic downturn has affected our national and international economies, and many small businesses with good products and services to sell are struggling to survive. The Internet provides global opportunities for new markets, but most small businesses are unaware or unsuccessful in their efforts to take advantage of them.

Without proper training in the fundamental technologies behind them, small business websites and blogs are a mystery to their owners. Instead of being sites that attract new customers, their websites and blogs are a constant frustration: out-of-date and inadequate to meet the needs of the business.

The world of Internet Marketing is also viewed with skepticism as a place where get-rich-quick schemes take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. In reality, many small businesses profit quite well from doing business online, treating their customers with respect and courtesy, and delivering both physical and digital products and services over the Internet.

Our mission is to:

  • Shift the perception that Internet Marketing involves only unscrupulous tactics, rather than legitimate, permission-based marketing that is welcomed by online visitors.
  • Raise awareness of the global opportunities that the Internet provides for entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially for out-of work individuals with skills and knowledge to share.
  • Assist small businesses in refining their marketing messages, products, and services to attract their desired customers.
  • Empower website and blog owners to operate their own sites by concentrating on simple, navigable designs that they can maintain themselves.
  • Teach fundamental technologies and skills such as HTML, CSS, Internet video, email marketing, and social media marketing to business owners to enhance their online presence.
  • Teach best practices based in permission marketing and anti-SPAM compliance, and focus on effective marketing techniques that withstand the test of time.

Our primary sponsor, Tooliedotter Press, provides products and services that address many of these needs, but we welcome the interest and involvement from companies who would like to sponsor future activities.

How You Can Help